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Our Location

corkboard-web8 Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands (ATBW) is an UPLAND RESORT located near the foot of Mt. Apo.

The Bagobo Woodlands (more formally named the Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands and the Regulo & Lucila Memorial Foundation Center) is located in the shadows of Mt. Apo, the largest mountain in the Philippines. This is a unique tropical ecosystem given the location and elevation and may represent a significant region for the development of ecotourism and educational initiatives that students of nature and the environment may learn from study and research projects related to the area.

Directions: Bagobo Woodlands is located in a rural area about 13.4 km north of Digos City, some 15.8 km southeast of Mt. Apo. This is a rural area; GPS coordinates are Lat. 6° 52′ 26.64″ N Long 125° 20′ 50.84″ E. This is Bagobo tribal land and visitors must contact the Project Director to make special reservations and arrangements prior to any visit. Unauthorized trespassing is strictly prohibited on many tribal properties and accommodations at Bagobo Woodlands are limited to small groups; therefore, we require that reservation be made well in advance that we may provide the best accommodations, service, and a pleasant experience to our many visitors.

map We have 3 Cold Spring Swimming Pools, A Research Center and a Greenhouse. Your kids can also play wii at the Entertainment Center.

How to get to Tribu Bagobo Woodlands:
Tribu Bagobo Woodlands in Binaton can be reached by land transportation via van, “habal-habal” motorcycle, or your personal vehicle.

Via Van:
There is a terminal in Digos City Old Public Market where you can ride a van. The public vans will usually take you to Kapatagan, but since Barangay Binaton is in the same route going to Kapatagan, you can ride a van to Kapatagan and tell the driver that you will stop to Tribu Bagobo Woodlands in Barangay Binaton.

The fare going to Kapatagan is Php 100.oo but the fare stopping at Binaton is the same as stopping in Kapatagan. That is if you are not wise, if you are wise enough you can negotiate the driver and get discount to cut it around Php 50.oo – Php 70.oo. If you are travelling with a group it is cheaper to rent a van to take you all to Tribu Bagobo Woodlands.

Via Motorcycle:
There is a “habal- habal” motorcycle that can take you to Barangay Binaton. One motorcycle can handle 5 persons. The fare is Php 45.oo only. This is the ride most of the travelers take whether solo traveler or group since it’s cheaper. The motorcycle terminal can be found on the Old Llanos Clinic. There is an old huge mango tree and only a few steps away from Dep-Ed Department.

If you can afford a van, take the van, it’s much safer.

Via Personal Vehicle:
Make sure you got enough gas and the vehicle is in condition. The road is not that rough now since the road was already well developed but the rides are going uphill and down. There are 2 major uphill roads along the way so make sure the vehicle is in good condition or else you’ll stop at that middle of the hill.

The ride will take you about 30 minutes. If you are riding a public motorcycle or van, the drivers already know where to stop. If you are riding a vehicle, the resort is a few kilometers away from the barangay hall. You will have to ride along road surrounded by trees.

There on the left side, there is a banner saying “Welcome to Tribu Bagobo Woodlands” that’s your sign to stop. You cannot take your vehicle inside since there is no enough road going to the resort so leave your vehicle beside the road. There is a parking lot there.

We can provide service cars that will bring you to the ATBW Upland Resort. For RESERVATIONS and TRANSPORT SERVICES please contact:

Mr. Bebing Decrepito Jr. (Resort Operations Manager) – 0999-350-6403

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