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The Bagobo Category Archive

Bagobo Warriors

Among the foremost aspirations of Bagobo men was to become warrior. Young men strived to attain the rank of magani. During that time, you may call your self a magani if you were able to kill more…

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Body Parts

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands aims to to preserve the Bagobo dialect. We would like to teach basic Bagobo words and sentences. Lesson #1: BODY PARTS in BAGOBO DIALECT 1. Ulo – Head or Hair 2. Mata –…

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Let’s count from 1-10

Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands would like to teach you how to count from one to ten using the Bagobo dialect. One – sabbad Two – duwwa Three – tallo Four – appat Five – lima Six –…

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