Most of us want to spend more time with our families and friends maybe because that’s human nature that we want to love and be loved. Good thing is, on Sunday, 10th of May 2015 there will be an event on The Woodlands Resort that could be an opportunity to bond with your families and friends, most especially with your mother.


In line with the celebration of Mother’s Day on 10th of May 2015, The Woodlands will host an event called “Mother’s Day Special.” It’s a perfect time to make your mother special. For all the years she has spent with you.

Recall the time when she’s bearing and taking extra care of you for 9 months. And when you were born, think back when she’s got hundreds of sleepless nights just to make you stop crying. All the precious times she sacrificed for you, will that not enough to make her feel she’s special?


3 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Woodlands This Coming Sunday

1. All Mother’s will be free of Charge

Because this is a mother’s day special, all mothers will be free of charge from entrance fee and pool fee. That’s an awesome deal right?

2. There will be awesome and fun family activities

This is a celebration and this event is supposed to be fun. In this reason, The Woodlands Management decided to have some entertaining activities.

  • Mother’s Day Fun Run

How come running being funny? It will be when you have your wanted comrades with you. There will be a fun run activity open to all children.

  • Poem Essay Contest

In this contest, kids will be ask to write a composition on why is their Mama/Lola is the best in the world and why do you want to celebrate Mother’s Day at The Woodlands.

  • Singing Contest

Pinoys really love to sing one reason could be this brings out happiness to everybody.  There will be a singing contest. You can sing “My Way” if you want. LOL.

3. The Woodlands is a perfect place for family activities

The Woodlands has good amenities and services. They got swimming pools, billiard hall, and videoke room. They also have great accommodations, tents, cottages (open and close) and a white house. They are also serving food short orders.

The Woodlands just don’t focus on improving their facilities and services, but puts more effort on taking care of nature. This is one thing very desirable in the resort, if you have been there or your first time to go on Sunday, you can find many trees and flowers in the resort.

As one of their advocacies, they are trying to make the visitors indulge themselves in preserving the environment and taking care of nature.




There will be lots and lots of door prizes to be won in these activities. So c’mon kids take your Mamas/Lolas on a date and celebrate in Woodlands Resort.

For Registration queries please contact:

Mr Garnet Andamon Abajero • Events Manager on 09083806380,

Mr Bebing Decrepito • Resort Manager on 09993506403,

Ms Ruby Abajero Salig on 09491738803

Miss Vanessa dela Cruz • IT/Advertising Manager on 09125327384 or

Mr Lester Moore Lambac • Marketing/Advertising Coordinator/Ofiicial Blogger on 09078671645